The App is similar to a safety deposit box with your data which can then be applied to particular events.

Track your Movements Automatically

Track all your movements whether on foot or vehicular

Classify all your movements into private or Business

Set you custom rate per your local tax office and the system generates your deductibles for your vehicular trips

Possibility to make notes about the purpose of the trips | events on the composite report

Set your working hours to classify all chosen trips automatically to business

Track your activities Automatically on the map

At each pre set point, identify the number of

Phone calls



Pre – selected word recordings (sound bites)


Text messages

Audio recordings

Co-ordinates including the height above sea level

See your movements and activities for a range of dates.

Tamper Proof

The photos taken through the app cannot be tampered with unlike most other photo apps on the market today.

Take photos of important documents signing events, filling in application forms in order to make it tamper proof.

Calculate your Carbon footprint

You can calculate your Carbon footprint for the time period you choose and work towards carbon neutrality.

You can also download your total data usage on the app.

High level of Accuracy

The accuracy is enhanced by using the GPS and WIFI networks in tandem where possible.

Pre selected word

Automatic Recording when the pre selected word is spoken

Battery Management

Intelligent Battery management to better utilise power for the application

Intelligent Management

The time zone is automatically adjusted for daylight savings

Access your entire activity history after the app is installed on your phone

Data Protection

Get easy statistics of your activity and slice and dice as you want subject to pre set parameters


You can download your data when you want and where you want

A composite report includes a full analysis and is available for a charge

Choose the time zone in which you want your composite report to align with the telecom provider.

Data deletion is a user setting which allows the user to minimise the storage space

Composite Report contains the following information for the dates requested such as

  • Co-ordinates (x, y, z)
  • All video uploads including time of upload and contents
  • All audio uploads including time of upload and contents
  • All the phone calls made including start and finish time
  • All data usage